Hi Nuffnangers,

We hope you’ve all had a great start to the year? If you caught our first update, you’ll know that 2016 started with a bang for us: each January, the six global teams of our parent family at Netccentric gather for a regional summit – it’s a great opportunity for us to share insights and best practices with one another, and the occasion to discuss the ambitious goals and projects we’ll tackle during the year ahead.

We’re excited to unveil some great initiatives over the coming months and to introduce you to all the new members of our UK team here in London, but let’s start today with the first big update we’re rolling out across the Nuffnang community globally: the arrival of our brand-new mobile ad units!

Nuffnang Mobile Ads

Did you know that mobile advertising is predicted to take over newspaper advertising for the first time this year? (*) If you’re a blogger who keeps an eye on your analytics, you will already know that an ever-growing number of readers come to your site from mobile devices, phones, and tablets, rather than desktop. Why this shift? Because we are spending more time on our mobile devices these days and as bloggers, we have truly embraced social networks to share bite-sized teasers of what we are publishing on our sites so that more and more, we are grabbing our followers’ attention while they are on their smartphone or tablet, browsing Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Bloglovin.

Mobile Advertising

Of course, savvy advertisers know that it is more impactful to share their brand message with consumers where they are, especially if they are engaging with great content that is relevant to them at the time. It makes more sense for a food brand, for instance, to introduce their new range to potential customers while they are standing in their kitchen, reading a great recipe on a blog, doesn’t it? This is exactly why as bloggers we are great partners for smart advertisers: because we can serve very relevant banner ads and produce high-quality sponsored editorial features that will showcase their product in an engaging context, exactly where their potential customers are already consuming content.

Plum Financiers by SupergoldenBakes for Sabichi

Yes, those plum financiers by SupergoldenBakes from our campaign for Sabichi look pretty darn good. But let’s not get distracted – we wanted you to know that at Nuffnang we are embracing this shift towards mobile and we’re excited to unveil this brand-new mobile ad unit, we hope that you are too! If you still need to be convinced, let us tell you why you should take five minutes and install it today:

  1. Increased Accuracy & Eligibility for Campaigns

While our current Nuffnang units are excellent at tracking web traffic from desktop visitors, they don’t necessarily show on the mobile version of your site because you might have a mobile-optimised layout that hides your sidebar. We know that many of you use the Skyscraper Nuffnang unit and so not only your sidebar is hidden for mobile visitors, but these visitors are not recorded accurately at the moment. The new mobile ad unit will fix this: it is a tiny closeable ad which will print out when your site is viewed on a mobile device and it will record all your mobile visitors in real time. As a result, you will likely see your traffic rise as recorded on the Nuffnang dashboard, and if so we will be able to put you forward for more campaign opportunities, both for banner advertising and sponsored posts.

Nuffnang Mobile Ads

    2. Easy & Quick To Install.

Just log in to your Blogger Dashboard on Nuffnang, click on “Manage Blogs” in the left column, and on “Add Mobile Ad” on the right side of your screen. It will take just a few minutes to follow the step by step and once it’s installed that’s it, you have nothing else to do! Any questions or in need of some help? Don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

Add Nuffnang Mobile Ad


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Nuffnang Community Team

Hi Nuffnangers,

We hope that you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break and New Year’s Eve celebrations with family and friends. We’re just back from our regional summit in Singapore and wanted to share with you some of the great features from our recent collaboration with Drama this holiday season. Have you heard about Catherine Cookson?

She is one of the most prolific British authors and a good number of her novels have been adapted for TV and radio. This Christmas, Drama had handpicked some of the best period adaptations of her work and asked us to commission reviews from the bloggers we work with to announce the Christmas special. Hop on to the posts below to read:

The Twinkles Diary - Cookson Christmas

“When I was younger there was nothing I liked more than curling up in an armchair, on a lazy weekend, reading the latest bestseller or a much-loved classic. I used to read loads too. Crime novels, fiction, biographies, autobiographies — there was nothing I enjoyed more than immersing myself in the pages of a good book. Period stories were also a bit of a favourite too, particularly by Emily Bronté, Jane Austen and Catherine Cookson. These lovely novels are guaranteed to transport you to a bygone era and whisk you away to another time.

– Caro from The Twinkle Diaries

Sophie Etc - Cookson Christmas

“It wouldn’t be Christmas without the massive amount of specials and films on TV for the next week or so, would it? There are so many great things to watch this year including all the adaptations of Catherine Cookson’s books that will be shown over the holiday season on Drama. I got to have a sneak peek at The Cinder Path recently and it’s pretty good! I won’t reveal too much but if you like great period dramas with plenty of plot twists this is definitely one to snuggle up with.”

– Sophie from Sophie Etc

Laura Summers - Cookson Christmas

“If you’re like me, nothing beats a cosy Sunday afternoon cuddled up on the sofa with a good book or film. Christmas is a great time for cosy films, with a handful of Quality Street and maybe a cheeky mince pie. I was asked to review ‘The Girl’, a TV adaptation of a Catherine Cookson’s novel for Drama this Christmas and it sounded like a rather fun thing to do. I am a big fan of romance novels and I’m a sucker for a happy ending and love conquers all storyline.

– Laura from Laura Summers

A Moment with Franca - Cookson Christmas

“I very much enjoyed watching the story unfold, in spite of a few scary moments such as when Hannah and Mrs Thornton are whipped. It wasn’t obvious how things would end or whether Hannah would finally find happiness. She is an admirably strong, determined woman who has to deal with some quite horrible people, some of whom have her best intentions at heart. However, this is the kind of period drama that allows you to get lost in the story and really hope things work out.”

– Franca from A Moment with Franca

Brenda Busy Bee - Cookson Christmas

“If, like me, you are a bit of a bookworm, you may have heard of Catherine Cookson. Her period drama novels not only capture the gritty life of a common man in the 19th century: their ambitions, struggles, family dynamics and romance, but also tackle important issues from women’s rights to interracial marriages. Think Mills and Boon meets Pride and Prejudice and produces a hard hitting, tough talking, not afraid to speak their mind offspring.

– Brenda from Brenda Busy Bee

Old Fashioned Susie - Cookson Christmas

“We don’t buy the Radio Times at any other time of year and we are like big kids going through it with our highlighters. I was pleased to see this year that Drama will be showing TV adaptations of Catherine Cookson novels. Have you seen any of these? If you are around my age (35) you may have. Many of them were originally screened in the 1990s and I remember watching a few with my mum. Always gritty and with fantastically richly developed characters, some of the stories have stayed with me nearly twenty years on.

– Susan from Old Fashioned Susie

Rhyme and Ribbons - Cookson Christmas

“With my love of theatre, romance and reading anything that I can get my hands on, it’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of period drama. Therefore, it’s with great shame that I admit that I didn’t know who Catherine Cookson was. Because I grew up watching “Little Women” around Christmas, I associate the tradition of the holiday season with cuddling up and watching an excellent period drama.”

– Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons

A Cornish Mum - Cookson Christmas

“The Wingless Bird is the perfect Catherine Cookson to watch at this time of year, as with it being Christmas at the start there are a few festive scenes, that made me wish for a lovely traditional Christmas with sugar mice popped around the tree and a big family meal. Despite being set so many years ago, watching The Wingless Bird reminded me of modern-day soaps. There are dramatic scenes, an unplanned pregnancy, people falling in love with people they shouldn’t and more. Similar to some of the soaps that I watch weekly.

– Stevie from A Cornish Mum

The Reading Residence - Cookson Christmas

“Oh, how I love Christmas TV! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have no doubt gathered this from my excitement over finding that the Christmas TV guides are out! I spent an hour last week poring over every single page of it and circling everything that we need to watch and record over the festive season. I’m impressed with the line up this year, and I’m happy to be talking about Drama’s Catherine Cookson Christmas with you today.”

– Jocelyn from The Reading Residence

Rebel Angel - Cookson Christmas

“It’s funny that I’ve never really mentioned this before, apart from an aside in a post once upon a time, but I’m a little bit addicted to good old fashioned TV dramas and murder mysteries. One of my favourite times of the year is when it starts getting dark on an evening (although that isn’t such good news for outfit photos!) and all the good dramas start on TV – I’m currently waiting on new series such as Death in Paradise, Midsomer Murders and Father Brown to start up again but lamenting the end of New Tricks and Lewis (boo hoo!).

– Sian from Rebel Angel

Mum in a Nutshell - Cookson Christmas

“I tend to work most evenings but every so often, something will draw me away and lately, this has involved more historical genres, Pollard, Last Kingdom and last year’s Jamaica Inn were particular faves of mine, so the TV adaptions of the world famous Catherine Cookson novels showing on Drama this Christmas are perfect. I was soon swept away and transported back to the 1900’s, with a whisper of resemblance to the small terrace street where I spent my baby years up North. It’s a gentle film, easy to sit down and relax to on a gloomy afternoon, where life was hard but perhaps much simpler and family values were to be obeyed and large families were the norm.”

– Ali from Mum in a Nutshell

Janmary - Cookson Christmas

“I was that child happiest with her nose in a great novel. As an adult I tend to need/want to multi-task and I find I read a little less than I used to but I still enjoy a good story. However as you know it can be hard to read and iron, read and make crafts, read and browse on Pinterest! It’s much easier to watch a classic drama on TV, although it’s not always easy finding what to watch and there are so many channels to browse from. When I heard that Drama was having a Cookson Christmas, I thought that was the perfect solution, some of my favourite stories to watch while I iron/craft/browse online!”

– Janine from Janmary

Nuffnang Campaign for Drama - Cookson Christmas

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Nuffnang Community Team

Hi Nuffnangers,

Last stretch before the winter holidays! We hope that you have some exciting things planned with family and friends over the break; on our side Arya and I are flying home over the weekend and will be closing the office from Monday Dec. 21st to Friday Jan. 1st included. This last month was a very busy one between campaigns, community catch-ups, recruitment and of course, our annual Winter Workshop for bloggers!

If you followed along, you’ll know that we hosted the event at our new office space on Borough High Street and this year we focused on content, growth, and community strategies for the platforms around your blog, specifically vlogging on YouTube, podcasting, Instagram and Steller.

Nuffnang Bloggers Workshop 2

We’re so proud of our speakers this year; we had invited Jess from Love and London, Kate from A Playful Day and Sara from Me and Orla and they all did an amazing job in delivering inspiring presentations on their creative journeys, the successes and challenges that have met them along the way, and what they are planning and predicting for the future.

Jess, Kate and Sara generously shared a wealth of practical tips with us attendees and we learned a lot on Saturday: how to get started with video-blogging and podcasting, how to leverage our existing community of readers and followers, how to repurpose our content and make it evergreen, how to find and bring back new readers to our blogs, and just generally how to create successful shareable content on any of the platforms in question to grow our audiences and reach.


We love organising this workshop every year because it’s a great opportunity to come together and network offline, but also because we think it’s really important to share our collective knowledge and celebrate the success of publishers and influencers from the community who have taken their blogs from a hobby to a full-time job over the last couple of years.

I know that many of you left the event on the day feeling inspired and challenged, and that you have since then been thinking more strategically about your blogs and how to take them to the next level. Thank you for all your great feedback on Twitter around the #NNworkshop hashtag, your DMs and emails – we love hearing your thoughts and your plans for the future. If you weren’t there on the day and are keen to learn more about some of the tips we learned, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy kindly wrote a great recap on her blog, do have a look.

Blogosphere Magazine - Nuffnang Bloggers Workshop 3

A big thank you to everyone who supported the workshop this year: Little Miracles for keeping us hydrated with their delicious organic teas and juices, Dum Dum Donutterie for the yummy sweet treats, Blogosphere Magazine who made a copy available for every attendee to take home (they have a Christmas bundle offer at the moment – check it out), and of course the team at The Office Group for letting us use the conference room and the kitchen/lounge of our building on the weekend; it was a great event space to host the workshop in.

Little Miracles and Dum Dum Donutterie - Nuffnang Bloggers Workshop

Whether you grabbed a ticket to the workshop this year, gave us a shout-out or a retweet on social media, shared the link to our Eventbrite page with a friend who might be interested in coming or just sent us positive vibes on the day, we want to thank you all for your support – this enthusiasm is what makes us look forward to organising more initiatives next year.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you in 2016!

Nuffnang Bloggers Workshop - Group Picture

Are you a brand, venue or agency interested in working with bloggers? We can help you handpick the right ambassadors for your campaign and manage the creation of original impactful content on your behalf – – > get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Nuffnang Community Team

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