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Having now nestled into team Nuffnang, I have immersed myself fully into the world of being a blogger, or as I affectionately call it, ‘Blogger’s Brain’. BB has many things to consider at all times. For some it can be occupying the kids creatively in order to slip away for a few hours and write; others are fending off yet more brand offers not worth their time, and then there’s waiting for the perfect light to hit the scene in order to shoot that killer image. It’s intense. Fun, but intense.

Coming from a writing not blogging background, a few key themes from the blogging world really surprise me. Just like your invoice being paid on time, it shocks me that so many wonderful influencers, all at varying stages of their blogging journey, undervalue the voice and talent they have. We all understand across varying creative fields you can work for free in the beginning to build your portfolio and name, however, once that line is crossed it’s important to remember that, and value your work and self consistently. Not only does this help your own ‘you brand’, it paves the way for future talents to know how they should also view themselves. In the same way that charging ridiculous fees damages the blogging sphere, so does doing things for free.

So inspired by my new friends both in and around our network, I have picked a handful of points to support knowing your worth as an influencer. I hope this is helpful, and feel to let us know!

They came to you
Remember this: there are around 152 million blogs on the planet. So when influencers say, ‘if I don’t do this, or I charge that, they’ll find someone else’, I say – they chose you. There is a really long process that goes into selecting talent for campaigns so don’t ever think you just got lucky – you obviously have what the brand are looking for so work it, and you’ll get more. Believe.

Develop your ‘You Brand’
When new influencers contact me for advice, I want to know what their ‘You Brand’ is. What defines your space of the web? What can it teach me that no one else will? Why would I remember you? All things that brands ask us, so forget the rest and focus on your ‘you’. Make your brand one in that million by being authentic; passionate beyond the regular and owning your voice. Doing all of the above will get you where you want to go, and remember it is always the journey, not the destination.

Pricing Matters
OH, it does. This is the area I get quizzed on the most; influencers are unsure how to price their work. I was once approached to write a feature piece for an online magazine, 500 plus words, and when I asked about payment they said they had calculated, “it takes 1 hour to write 500 words so we’re paying the minimum wage”. I was stunned. Granted, they were a new title but, I declined, told them my rates and pointed out – it’s not just the piece. It’s the prep, the mindset to create, the writing, editing, photography and final piece – and that is never an hour’s work. The same thing goes for you. Don’t out price yourself, but don’t under sell your self either. (And if you’re unsure just email me; Fridays are usual my quiet time.)

Define Your Pitch
Once you have your ‘You Brand’ all figured out, your pitch should be easy. You know what you can offer, what your strengths and killer moves are, so make sure you translate them in a relatable way. How will your creative skills benefit the brand? Make yourself memorable while staying true to your USPs and the pitch will flow.

Remember you’re not alone
You’re not! Similar to when I was freelancing, you can end up feeling like an island. Dipping in and out of companies, offices and teams is nice but when you’re your boss, HR, creative and payroll you can end up feeling overwhelmed. But, the blogging landscape has amazing pockets of empowerment available to all. Our community included, we see everyone as part of the same team so reach out, network, attend as many events, talks and workshops as your schedule allows and embrace this amazing space that you are part of – YAY.

Sadie X

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Sadie Brown
Nuffnang Community Team

Happy Friday Nuffnangers!

Before we head into the Bank Holiday weekend, we wanted to write about an upcoming event in the blogging world that we are very excited about and that is held in just three weeks. Have you heard about Blogtacular before?

Just today, the duo behind the creative conference unveiled the final names in their impressive line-up of speakers, and we thought this was a great occasion to give them a shout-out and encourage the bloggers of our community to attend the event, held in London on Saturday June 13th.

Blogtacular Conference Tickets

So, what to expect at Blogtacular?

I personally attended the first edition last May and wrote about how much I loved it, and how it helped me to grow my personal blog, so let me tell you a little more:

“I came away with a head full of strategic ideas, and a renewed drive and inspiration to dramatically improve my blog. The day was gone in a heartbeat of course, but those hours listening intently to the expert speakers sharing years of knowledge, tips and best practices are still vivid. There was a definite buzz in the air and I think for many bloggers and creatives there (including me), it felt like a turning point.”

The day will be packed full of goodness with a photowalk, opening keynote by Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge, a variety of talks and workshops to teach you everything you need to know on finding your voice, growing your audience, turning your blog into a business, pitching yourself, organising community and collaborative projects, cultivating your creativity and inspiration, photography, styling, blog design and code, and mastering Instagram.

Like last year, the conference will be held at the Royal Institution (Mayfair, London) from 8.30am to 6pm and it will bring together hundreds of creatives, bloggers, and industry professionals to share inspiration, learnings and best practices so don’t miss out and grab one of the last few tickets.

You can take a peek at the showreel from last year, read the coverage from attendees, and listen to Joy Cho from Oh Joy delivering her keynote, thanks to Mailchimp. There are also virtual tickets available to catch up with last year’s conference, although I’d really recommend coming to Blogtacular in person so you can network with the bloggers, creatives and sponsors there including Thomson, West Elm, Pinterest, Annie Sloan, Cricut and Mollie Makes.

We will be there ourselves as Nuffnang has been invited to an industry panel, so feel free to come along and quiz Christian Torres, Head of Brand & Creative at Thomson, Colleen Reid, Senior Outreach and Engagement Manager at DigitasLBi, and I on every question that’s on your mind about how to work together with brands and agencies successfully.

Connect with our community of over 1,700 UK bloggers and influencers on TwitterInstagramPinterest and FB. Interested in working together on our next campaigns and events? Get in touch.

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Hi Nuffnangers,

Did you know that we have over 1,000 followers on our Pinterest page? Today we wanted to write about one of our boards in particular that will be of interest if you’re looking to improve your blog, whether that’s from the perspective of growing your audience, pushing your photography skills, developing a social media strategy or focusing your content efforts with the help of an editorial calendar.

On our Bloggers’ Tips board, you will find a curated selection of articles and resources for bloggers that we have pinned ourselves from around the web, as well as useful blog posts written by or pinned by fellow Nuffnangers. It’s been the driving force between our page’s growth and features a lot of helpful content. Today we’re sharing five of the best recent articles from this community board:

Anyonita's Blogger Tips

“How Bloggers Utilize Instagram”
Anyonita from Anyonita Nibbles

Hayleys' Blogger Tips

“ASA Calls for Clearer Guidelines”
Hayley from Bonjour Blogger

Jasiminne's Blogger Tips

“Blogger Nightmares and How to Deal with them”
Jasimine from Posh, Broke & Bored

Jess's Blogger Tips

“5 Things All Bloggers Should Be Doing On Twitter”
Jess from Love and London

The Lovely Drawer - Comfort Food

“Creating Awesome Content: Dos and Don’ts”
Lynsay from Miss West End Girl

We hope you find these posts an interesting read and if you’re generally interested in tips around the topics of blogging, digital and social media – why not give our Bloggers’ Tips board a follow? Also! If you’re a Nuffnang blogger (and have completed your registration), we’d love to add you to the board so you can share useful blog posts you’ve written or read. If that’s you, just send us a tweet or email. The more the merrier!

Blog Tips on our Pinterest Board  - Nuffnang UK

Interested in working with bloggers? We can help you handpick the right ambassadors for your brand and support the creation of original impactful content on your behalf. Just get in touch here.

Connect with our community of over 1,600 UK bloggers and influencers on TwitterInstagramPinterest and FB. Interested in working together on our next campaigns and events? Get in touch.

Nuffnang Community Team

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