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What makes you feel confident day to day? Is it a yoga routine that helps you tackle challenges ahead with a level head, a writer whose words inspire you to be who you are, the extra supportive friend you always turn to for advice, or that really flattering pair of well-cut jeans? Everyone has their own secret formula for confidence and this week, we are sharing with you some editorials from our recent collaboration with Pearl Drops.

Committed to beautiful smiles, they know a thing or two about looking and feeling your best. Together, we asked publishers and influencers from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle community to share what makes them feel confident inside and out. Hop on over to the posts for some inspiration:

Tiny Twisst - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“I think in life it’s so important to surround yourself with good, happy, positive people, people that lift you higher, that understand you, care for you and most importantly keep you smiling, even through harder times.

– Laura from Tiny Twisst

Miss Budget Beauty - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“As I get older I’m less worried about what people think of me, what I do, what I say, anything really. I’m still not about to jump into a new setting without fear of rejection but I’m comfortable with who I am. There’s a huge amount of confidence to be found in realising your own worth.”

– Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty

Dizzy Brunette - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“A big wake up call for me, was when I realised that I wouldn’t dream of talking to someone I loved like I talked to myself. If I wouldn’t dare say this to anyone else, why it is okay for me to tear myself apart? The answer is it’s not okay. Next time you’re giving yourself a hard time, stop and think ‘would I say this to my sister/Mum/bff?’ The answer is probably no.

– Corrie from Dizzy Brunette

Fashion Mumblr - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“When you do things that you think you can’t, your comfort zone will just keep on getting bigger and bigger. Even small things will lead to greater things until you feel unstoppable! Positive, confident thoughts have an unbelievable impact on how you feel.”

– Josie from Fashion Mumblr

The LoveCats Inc - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“The nights are getting dark before 4pm, the mornings are colder and you realise that you’re stuck with this weather until next Spring (or around May, if you’re in the UK). As much as I love buying coats and boots, I often need a little pick-me-up to make those chilly days a little bit better.

– Helen from The Lovecats Inc

Em Talks - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“I’ve been trying this out for as long as I can remember and honestly, spreading the love really does make you feel better about yourself. It kind of gives you the feeling you get when you have a long hug with someone you love. There’s nothing nicer than hearing ‘your hair looks nice today’ so make someone’s day and tell them. Spreading that love will make you feel better and more confident. Trust me, try it!

– Em from Em Talks

The Sunday Girl - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“Feeling confident in my own skin has been a long journey and even now I have my days in which I take a knock and need a confidence boost. I’m sure you are the exact same, some days I’m bloated, other days a huge blemish will appear and make me want to hide but it is important to know that everyone (even huge celebrities) have days in which they’d rather run past a mirror than stop and grab a selfie. We are all only human.”

– Adrienne from The Sunday Girl

Frock Me I'm Famous - Nuffnan for Pearl Drops

“My winning formula is wearing heels; I can be having a crappy day or just not feeling my outfit/makeup/hair for a night out then I’ll pop on some heels and BAM, I’m feeling sassy as hell and there ain’t no stopping me. We all have that way of making ourselves feeling more confident, and for me, heels make me feel taller and sexier.

– Hayley from Frock Me I’m Famous

Maddy Cane - Pearl Drops for Nuffnang

“I’m a pretty bad procrastinator and will tend to put things off until they absolutely ‘have’ to be done. It’s such a great feeling not to have to have things nagging at the back of your mind and 9 times out of 10 it’ll take less than 5 minutes to do anyway.”

– Maddy from Maddy Cane

Speaking Beauty - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“I just love the process of applying makeup and getting ready to go out. I don’t feel dependent on makeup to feel good but I do feel it enhances my features and makes me look more polished. Most days, especially when I’m in a rush or just don’t want to apply much makeup, concealer is my one item I cannot skip. I just love how it brightens my face and makes me look instantly healthier and more awake. It’s my desert island makeup item.

– Renata from Speaking Beauty

Temporary Secretary - Nuffnang for Pearl Drops

“Who goes on social media and compares themselves to people on the Internet? Me! I do this all the time! And you know what? It makes me feel really really terrible. It’s perfectly normal and even natural to look at a snapshot of someone’s life and envy what they have. But remember, comparison is the thief of joy. And anyway, not everything on the Internet is real. You can look but try not to obsess over it. The key is to channel that energy into something positive.”

– Sarah from Temporary Secretary

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