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Hi Nuffnangers,

Today we are sharing with you a round-up of our recent foodie meet-up at Sushino En, an authentic Japanese restaurant in Whitechapel, London. As you know, we try to have a community catch-up every month and what better way is there to spend a cold Saturday afternoon than to hang out with fellow bloggers anyway?

We were absolutely spoiled on the day and the restaurant treated us to a veritable feast so we could sample lots of their signature dishes. Hop on over to the posts below to read what the bloggers thought and Sushino En is definitely one to visit if you are in East London. The menu is exhaustive and they have some fantastically affordable options like bento boxes and lunch sets – you can have a peek at the menu on this page, and follow them on social via Twitter and Facebook.

Emma from Bloomzy

“Whereas I do enjoy discovering new cuisines, there’s one I always go back to – Japanese. A cute restaurant tucked away in the heart of Whitechapel, Sushino En serves up a variety of Japanese dishes. We were sat at a sunken table (horigotatsu), which I always find super comfortable. After everyone had arrived we ordered a bottle of plum wine (umeshu) – my favourite Japanese tipple. Conversation flowed as the first round of food was brought to the table…”

– Emma from Bloomzy

Emma from Bloomzy - Sushino En Nuffnang

VA from Chopstick Panorama

“The interior is minimal, but warm and cosy thanks to the wooden furniture. I loved how they projected Ghibli movies onto the wall or have Polaroids of guests on another, gives it a really homey feeling. We got to try a great range of their food, from classic seaweed salad to unique sushi combinations. My favourite dishes were the Buta Kakuni/Japanese Braised Pork Belly for its sweet and savoury deliciousness as well as the Agedashi Tofu that was beautifully soft and subtle in flavour. Whatever sauce the tofu came in, I loved it.…”

– V.A from Chopstick Panorama

V.A from Chopstick Panorama - Sushino En Nuffnang

Ioan from Secret Temple

“It felt a bit like the Witch’s cottage in Hansel and Gretel: from buta no kakuni (pork belly), to agedashi tofu, sashimi, sushi rolls, tempura, the food just kept pilling up. It felt appropriate that at the time they were screening Spirited Away. Highlights of the meals include the agedashi tofu – great texture, slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The tempura was also excellent, still warm and the batter was crisp and fresh…”

Ioan from Secret Temple

Ioan from Secret Temple - Sushino En Nuffnang

Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons

“I had an amazing lunch this weekend with Nuffnang at Sushinoen. The people were great and the afternoon was superb. Out of everything I tried I probably ate the most of the fried tofu. It soaked up so much flavour and was so wonderfully salty. Basically, everything that I love about halloumi. Then there was shumai, a Japanese style dim sum with prawn. Then came both a white tuna carpaccio and beef tataki. There was seared tuna & salmon on California roll and a prawn tempura on California roll. They were very lightly battered, and exceedingly delicious…”

– Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons

Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons - Sushino En Nuffnang

Em from Catch 52

“Then came a massive sushi platter containing sushi rolls bravo duo (seared tuna & salmon on California roll) and spider (prawn tempura on California roll). I enjoyed all of it. I like to see a lot going on in my sushi rolls, the more the fish better! Now since we physically didn’t have any space for more food, we got chicken yakisoba in takeaway boxes. Eating it the next day on my lazy Sunday, still in PJs, tasted just as good. For desserts we had mochi and matcha ice cream. I’d definitely recommend Sushinoen and would return there myself. You don’t have to pay silly prices for good food…”

– Em from Catch 52

Em from Catch 52 - Sushino En Nuffnang

Sara from Hello the Mushroom

“We were supposed to also have had the Sukyaki hot pot but we got to the point that we couldn’t take any more food, no matter how delicious it was. The meal was finished with some mochi and a scoop of matcha ice cream. My favourite! I love going out for meals with cool bloggers like this, the company is great and I don’t feel bad or obnoxious for taking photos of the food all the time!…”

– Sara from Hello the Mushroom

Sara from Hello the Mushroom - Sushino En Nuffnang

Group Picture - #NuffnangLunch at Sushino En

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